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+258 Collection

The Capulana is the national fabric of Mozambique, and much like 2M, it’s a potent symbol of Mozambican identity.
Local Capulana design iconography embodies a rich history of Mozambican storytelling and the fabric is used at important events like the birth of child or the marriage of a couple. But now, Capulana are mass manufactured in India and China and the new western based designs no longer tell Mozambican stories with Mozambicans becoming more attracted to the modern. As a brand woven into the fabric of Mozambican culture, 2M saw an opportunity to reconnect Mozambicans with their culture.

As part of the new 2M Beer pack campaign, developed to articulate the Mozambique of today; on trend, current and so uniquely ours, we Invited Mozambican fabric designers to design a Capulana inspired by the visual iconography of 2M, recently introduced into a new packaging range, that would represent modern Mozambique.
After, we put these designs into the hands of six young mozambican fashion designers for their own modern re-interpretations and there it was, the new +258 Collection.
A 100% Mozambican designed and produced fashion collection that had the mission to re-vigorate the sense of pride for a national icon, the way we did with 2M Beer.

CASES 2M +258Colection-03.png
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